SuperSail Marine Alarm Wireless

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SuperSail Marine Alarm Wireless

SuperSail Marine Alarm monitors your boat while you are elsewhere. Contains all basis alarm functions to fulfill the demands from the Danish insurance companies, which allows you to get a discount on your boat insurance. Wireless sensors can be connected to this alarm.

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Product Description

Turn the alarm system on when you are not using the boat and without connecting any other electronics it gives you theft alam, monitoring of 12V supply and a chock sensor that e.g. alarms if the boat is banking against the jetty or if the boat is rammed. The alarm system can further more be used as an anchor watch, which gives you notice if the boat is moving while anchored.

If the boat is chartered out you can be alarmed if the boat is running aground, becomes too far away or if it is transported over land (moving faster than possible by it self). It’s furthermore possible to connect a number of wireless sensors to monitor e.g. burglary or water coming in.

The Alarm system furthermore contains 2 wired outputs that can be used for e.g. remote control of the oil burner or battery charger via the mobile app.

Everything is controlled from the SuperSail mobile app, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Via the app it’s always possible to see the current position of the boad and the history of where is has been.

The alarm system is connected to 12V supply. The alarm system has an internal backup battery the ensures continuous operation if the external supply fails.

The SuperSail Marine Alarm is registered by the Danish insurance association and fulfills all requirements to get discount on the boat insurance – e.g.:

  • GPS-receiver for precise registration of the current position of the boat
  • Tyveriovervågning
  • Alarms can be sent to up to 4 different mobile phones

Further more you get:

  • Simple setup and monitoring of the alarm system via mobile App
  • Monitoring of 12V supply, which sends an alarm if the 12V supply is disconnected
  • Chock Sensor that register e.g. if the boat is rammed
  • Jamming monitoring. You will receive an alarm if the alarm system is not able to connect to the mobile network
  • Wired connection for e.g. outboard engine or float switch
  • Tracking of your sailing
  • Connection of Siren
  • Connection of Wireless Alarm Sensors


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