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SuperSail is a brand of the company SuperTrack ApS. The company was started in the autumn of 2012 by Søren Rosborg and Carsten Mølgaard, who both have many years of experience within regatta sailing and recreational sailing.

We have an engineering background, which together with a great passion for sailing made the establishment of SuperTrack possible. The companies’ vision is to be close to sailors and in cooperation develop innovative products that provide measurable results.

SuperSail was developed due to a great deficit of innovative products for sailors of all levels. Therefore the performance improvement has been a focus area from the start. Amateurs and elite sailors alike have basic needs for the same tools to optimize tactics and trim.

We have developed our innovative performance improving tools in tight cooperation with elite sailors, so that all sailors can benefit from the experiences of the best sailors.

Based on the experiences of sailors, trainers and parents we have expanded the SuperSail system with a surveillance and alarm function, which provides a sense of added security to the daily training on the water.

The common denominator of all our systems is the goal that they should be easy to use regardless of IT skills. It should not be time consuming to configure and use SuperSail.

We are very aware of the relationship between price and quality. Our solutions and products can and have to withstand comparison with other products of same functionality and quality. We only use components that live up to our high standards for reliability and endurance. We are aware of the harsh environment that sailing equipment has to be able to work in. We have in our solutions a high focus on the fact that our products are able to endure being used by sailors. It is our experience that this is the cheapest and best solution in the long run.

Our hardware is produced in Europe and each part is thoroughly tested before it is being sent out to our clients. If there despite our best efforts should be a failure of our product, we ask you to send it to our Danish service center that is ready to repair your product in a fast and efficient way.

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