SuperSail Marine Alarm makes reliable surveillance and securing of recreational boats possible. With simple installation of the advanced surveillance equipment SuperSail is able to watch out for your boat when you are not there to do it yourself.

Damages on recreational boats, which lay unmonitored in the harbor or on land are an increasing problem for owners and insurance companies. Equal to the advances in new boats and boating equipment the risk for theft and fire increases. Also ingress of water poses an immense threat to electrical and other equipment on board. Damages that are caused by theft, ingress of water and smoke/fire account for more than half of the big reported insurance claims these years.

With the SuperSail Marine Alarm your boat is monitored 24 hours a day, in the water or on land.

The SuperSail Marine Alarm consists of a unit that via SMS-messages informs you and eventually your security firm, if there is an incident. In case of smoke development or ingress of water the system has the possibility to automatically cut the power supply to the boat to limit the damages.

SuperSail Marine Alarm monitors for theft, smoke/fire and ingress of water. There is the possibility to get a text message if the battery voltage of the boat is cut, which would incur in the risk of the unplanned shut down of the SuperSail Marine Alarm. There is also the possibility to start the charging system or the heating system on the boat via text message. The SuperSail Marine Alarm can if attached to a choc-sensor send a message if the boat is exposed to exterior forces, such as sailing against the bridge that could damage the boat.

The SuperSail Marine Alarm is controlled via a smartphone app, which starts and stops the surveillance system when you are out sailing and with which you can activate it again when you get into the harbor.

If you are in a foreign harbor, the SuperSail Marine Alarm gives you the same security as in your own harbor. If you sleep on the boat the smoke detector not only sends out a call for help but also sounds a loud alarm to wake you up.

If you leave the boat anchored, you activate the anchor alarm and you get a message if the wind changes or the boat moves for any other reason.

SuperSail Marine Alarm is developed in cooperation with Danish sailors and delivers a sense of security and reliability that makes it easy to leave the boat.

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