Maximize your potential with SuperSail. SuperSails yellow box, allows you to measure, see and evaluate your sailing.

In cooperation with the Danish elite sailors and the Danish sailing union, we have developed a performance-package for regatta sailors at all levels. The performance package is available for all products of the SuperSail Regatta Tracker family. Performance data, such as position, speed and direction can be collected live from the regatta. The data will be collected in a central database and can be used to show the race in real time and for later evaluation of the race.

The data is stored in a standard format that can be used in a standard analysis tools such as for example TackTracker, which is developed for elite sailors. Alternatively data is made available for Excel and or other standards.

The SuperSail Regatta Tracker NMEA can be connected to your wind sensor via the NMEA 2000 bus system on your boat, to get a complete dataset including real wind directions and speed, which will make the analysis precise. If you don’t have a wind sensor on your boat the SuperSail Regatta Tracker NMEA can deliver wind data for your analysis.

When having problems keeping up on the racetrack, new sails seem to be the first solution, but very often an adjustment of tactics and trim can give a greater reward, for significantly less money. The investment in new sails can be postponed or you can ensure that you make the most out of your investment.

During training it is possible to measure and collect pitch/roll and acceleration data.

With SuperSail the entire regatta can be analyzed and reviewed again and again. The individual boats can be compared and measured individually so that trim and tactics can be tested and compared from one race to the next.

If you already have a SuperSail product installed on your boat it can be upgraded to include the performance package. Via our Smartphone App it will be possible to switch between the alarm function and the performance package.

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