With SuperSail the help is right by your side. With a single press on the yellow box, you can call for assistance. If you are unable to call for help yourself, SuperSails yellow box can do it for you.

You can easily set up the SuperSail Regatta Tracker Surveillance (The yellow box) via your smartphone. By entering at least one phone number the device is able to call for assistance during the regatta. The yellow box measures the boats movement and will automatically call for assistance if the boat has not moved for too long. It is also possible to set a maximal distance from the harbor, so that if the boat moves out of the set radius SuperSail can automatically send a message to the set numbers about the event.

One of the SuperSail Regatta Tracker Surveillance features is a message-button for an immediate distress signal. The sailor presses the message-button and a call for help message is sent. The LED around the message button indicates if a message has been sent and if the call for help has been received.

Compared to the false security of a mobile phone in case of accident, the SuperSail Regatta Tracker Surveillance is in a yellow box that is waterproof, sturdy and able to float.

The SuperSail Regatta Tracker Surveillance is primarily developed for dinghy and single sailors, but it can also be used in sailing clubs or in other places where many sailors can benefit from the system.

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